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Join us for a weekend of Releasing so you can Reset and Retool your skills in preparation to pursue the life you desire!

Calling all women! Are you looking for a nurturing space  where you can let go of fears, heal from past traumas, and overcome disappointments? Meet us at the 2024 Women's Conference - The Women's Clinic: Release, Reset, Retool!  We are committed to providing a secure and supportive environment where you can rest and release the burdens weighing you down.

Our conference is designed to equip you with the tools, confidence, and courage needed to Release, Reset, and Retool various aspects of your life. Whether you are facing struggles or uncertainties, our sessions and workshops are tailored to help you navigate and conquer these challenges.


Friday, August 9

Friday Night Release Journey

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
(Doors open at 5:45 pm)

Saturday, August 10

Conference Symposium

9:00 am - 3:30 pm
(Doors open at 7:30 am)

Sunday, August 11

Corporate Worship

8:00 am and 10:15 am


Worship Experience

Connect with your faith and find inner peace through powerful worship sessions.

Release Journey

Embark on a transformative journey to let go of past hurts and embrace healing.

Prayer Breakfast

Start your day with a nourishing meal and uplifting prayers in the company of inspiring women.


Participate in interactive workshops that provide practical tools and strategies for personal growth.

Session 1

I'm Not Okay, How Do I Get There?

Session 2

Ready, Reset, GROW -
Becoming All that God Created You to Be

Session 3

Steps to Financial Wellness

Session 4

Stress, Burnout, and Taking Care of Your Mental Health -
Retooling Your Mind for the Kingdom

Session 5

Life Shifts - Making the Most of Life in Every Season

Session 6

Wellness is the Key to Unlock the Triad of Health:
Nutrition, Rest, & Exercise


Explore a variety of vendors offering products and services that cater to women's needs.

Sunday Worship

Conclude the conference with a spiritually enriching Sunday worship service.

The Women’s Clinic:
Release Reset & Retool

"Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things 
which were told her from the Lord.” 
Luke 1:45 NKJV

Hello ladies! I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As your conference host, I am very grateful to have you join us for our 2024 Women’s Conference at Chosen City Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 9–11, 2024. This will be a dynamic symposium designed to equip you for life's transitions and empower you to pursue the life you desire. Session topics will focus on faith building, professional development, and personal wellness that will shift your perspective, your focus, and your LIFE!

Prepare to take a journey with us that leads to healing, wholeness, and revitalization of your mind, body, and spirit. You will be offered opportunities to take part in thought-provoking workshops that encourage you to Release yourself from your past disappointments, Reset your focus to embrace transformation, and Retool with new skills that will help bring clarity to your goals.

Get ready! Our keynote speaker and invited facilitators have much in store for us and we look forward to a time of impartation, growth, and fellowship with you.

Lady Tiffany Bowers
First Lady and Conference Host
Chosen City Church, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Rhonda Pettigrew

Destiny Church (Jackson, TN)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rhonda Pettigrew, an author and prolific preacher, is an influential voice within the church, leadership, and corporate platforms.  She is a revolutionary thinker with the ability to cross cultural and socioeconomic lines bringing empowerment to people from all walks of life.  Dr. Pettigrew has penned seven books in the areas of leadership and Christian living.

The influence of Dr. Pettigrew is reshaping the paradigm of women in ministry through her effectiveness in the church, marketplace, and media.  She is the Executive Director of the non-profit community development center, All Things Family, Inc., providing education, empowerment, and enjoyment to establish healthy relationships and stronger family units.  All Things Family has made marriage and family the focus by teaching in the areas of communication, marriage and relationships, leadership, finance, and mental health.